Miniature golf at Albertinelund Camping

Have a cozy game of miniature golf with the whole family at our 18 holes miniature golf course.


Play miniature golf

The course is made in a hilly area, where one can go for a lovely walk between the 18 holes, where a stream parts the course.

In the middle of the course, there is a terrace where one can enjoy the view over the course and the site and a cold soda pop, if this is brought along.

Miniature golf for the whole family

Bring the whole family with you and have a game of miniature golf or set up a family tournament to see who’s the champion!

You and your family are very welcome to come and play, even if you are not guest at the campsite. We have clubs for both large and small ones.

The degree of difficulty of the miniature golf course is both for beginners and trained and there are, therefore, challenges for all and good possibilities to become a better player.

Price per game per person: DKK 25

We are looking forward to seeing you and your family step on it at our miniature golf courses! Who will win?

In the high season there is regularly hold miniature golf tournaments and the whole family is of course welcome

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