We recommend

Are you going on holiday and do not know the area around Albertinelund Camping, we have gathered a list of our warmest recommendations for your holiday.
Happy holidays!

Evening walk at the beach

No matter time of the year, a walk at the beach is always a beautiful and relaxing experience. The contact with the sea and the intimacy to the family gives an inner serenity

Distance: 200 meters

Djurs Sommerland

Experience Denmark’s largest roller coasters, the huge Vandland and more than 60 fun attractions for the whole family. Do you live at the site for a week, you should definitely spend one of the days in Djurs Sommerland.

Distance: 20 kilometers

Mosters2Go Food Truck

Be sure to be at the site, when Mosters2Go Food Truck stops by. The juicy chickens from the barbecue, enjoyed in own caravan, gives the holiday an extra spice.

Distance: 100 meters

Enjoy an ice cream cone

Ice cream belongs to the holiday. Especially in the summer heat, a large ice cream cone a sure hit both to large and small ones. We recommend driving by the harbour in Bønnerup or Fjellerup Vaffelbageri.

Distance: 6-17 kilometers

Watch the sundown

Go to the beach and watch the sun go down in the horizon. Enjoy a good bottle of wine, grapes, crisps or something else.

Distance: 200 meters

Ree Park

Ree Park is a 125 hectares large park filled with exciting animals and beautiful surroundings, forest and lakes inclusive. You can try a Land Rover Safari with guide who tells about the different animals in the park.

Distance: 37 kilometers