Toilets and Nursery

We have plenty of toilet facilities for the needy and a children’s toilet for the tiny ones in the nursery.


Toilet facilities

We have plenty of toilet facilities and children’s toilet for the tiny ones in the nursery. We have good bathing facilities and everything is cleaned every morning. You can, therefore, trust that the hygiene is in top. The price for taking a bath is DKK 2 for two minutes.

All inventory is updated regularly, when it is necessary. You will, therefore, always find that our facilities up-to-date and in good shape.

Some of the rooms is combined with both bath and toilet. Here there is tranquility to do the whole morning routine without getting disturbed, or to have to change room.


If you are a family with small children, then the nursery is ideal for you to use the nursery.

Our nursery is big and equipped with two pillows and a bathtub for the tiny ones. There is also a toilet and the bathtub for the bit larger children.

It means that you can concentrate on the tiny ones in the nursery, while the bit larger children can take a bath. You will, therefore, need no help but can keep an eye on them still.

In the nursery there is enough room, so that two children can get a diaper change at the same time. There is, therefore, not so much waiting time, as there could be. It also means that you do not have to stress while you give your child a change, but you can time to get it all fixed. Like our toilets, the nursery is cleaned every morning, so you do not have to worry about that the hygiene is not in top.

Do you have questions or wishes

If you have feedback concerning the facilities you are more than welcome to show up in the information desk or send message via our ‘Contact Us’ page here.

We always want to give the best experience for all our guests and we hope you will stand up about this and help us to maintain this.

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