Forest and nature

Djursland is known for its truly beautiful nature and its forests


Beautiful forests and animal life

On Djursland, you find some of the most beautiful and oldest forests we have in Denmark. Those offer both a rich animal life and bushes.

After the red deer no longer only belonged to the nobility land, and the wild fence which kept them inside, has been torn down, they go around freely in the Danish forests now.

In the forests on Djursland, you have good possibilities to see red deer. It is because, there lies many castles and mansions of the nobility.

Lakes and to the skies

Many of the forests have lakes, too, which makes the walks even prettier. When the light falls quite right, it is really beautiful and you must therefore remember the camera. Then the memories can be perpetuated.

Here at the webpage, you can see some pictures of how pretty the forests are. You can then be a bit inspired to get out yourself in the green around the site.

Bring the family in the forest

The forests can, of course, be used for a brisk walk with the family. Here you can really enjoy the wonderful nature, which Djursland is known for. Bike rides in the forests is also a good possibility for that the family can get at little bit of exercise and wind in the hair.

Experience the nature on bike

At Albertinelund Camping we always encourage our visitors to go for a trip in the forest to experience the nature. There is trails for both bike riders and pedestrians, which we can tell you a bit more about, when you visit us.

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