All-year camping in Eastern Jutland

With all-year camping at Albertinelund Camping, you can buy season lots which especially offers some totally unique. Every season offers a unique nature and you can experience both flowers which burst, leaves that changes colour and snow that falls.


All-year camping

  • All camp lots lie on grass
  • There are playgrounds placed all over the whole site
  • Possibility for season lots and all-year camping
  • Good and maintained facilities which is available all-year round
  • Walking distance to toilets, store and beach

All-year camping in Jutland

All-year camping gives some truly fantastic possibilities to watch the nature.

To go camping all-year round is a personal space and an experience which cannot be bought other places. All-year camping is not to live the same place at the campsite all-year round, but that you have the possibility to go on camping when you desire the whole year when you have need for coming a bit away from everyday tasks.

All-year camping with season lots

As all-year camper at Albertinelund Camping you have direct access to the fantastic nature on Djursland.

All facilities at Albertinelund Camping is modern and maintained and there is rich possibility to meet with other inhabitants about dinner or other arrangements. There are also many attractions close to the campsite which can be researched if it is the wish.

As all-year inhabitant you can experience the exiting and beautiful change between the seasons. I.e. to go on autumn camping and to watch the change from summer to winter in the beautiful nature.

Albertinelund Camping enjoys the nature and will very much like to share it with our inhabitants. Therefore, we have started to offer all-year camping where you can gear down and experience the beautiful nature on Djursland.

Season lot

FROM DKK 10.700

Hele sæsonen
  • All camp lots lie on grass
  • Possibility to season lots and all-year camping
  • Good and maintained facilities which are accessible all year around
  • Walking distance to toilets, store and beach


All-year camping in Denmark is something special

At Albertinelund Camping you can go on camping all-year around!

Have it all

If you wish to camp outside the specific times stated in the offer, you are always welcome to contact us, and then we will find a solution to it.

Please remember that you also can buy comfort lots to get a bit more luxury at your camping holiday. Read more about comfort lots here.

Please note: It is not allowed to have your address at Albertinelund Camping and the maximum days must not be overruled regarding the Camping Rules.

Contact us with questions

If you have any questions about Albertinelund Campsite, you are very welcome to contact us.

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Priser for campingplads med egen campingvogn over hele året

 01/01 – 02/0702/07 – 13/0813/08 – 31/12
Børn (0 – 11 år)55,-65,-55,-
El / Strøm 10 amp.50,-50,-50,-
Tom vogn** max 4 uger 200,-100,-200,-

 01/01 – 02/07 - Pr. weekend02/07 – 13/08 - Pr. døgn13/08 – 31/12 - Pr. weekend

*For 2 persons, where at least 1 must be over 60 years of age. The Senior Offer does not apply to Easter, General Prayer Day, Ascension Day and during Pentecost and can not be combined with other deals. A minimum of 3 nights stay is required.
**Contact us regarding the Empty Caravan offer.

Prices for all-year lots

 Hele sæsonen 01/04-31/0901/04 - 30/0614/08 - 24/10
1 person10.200,-4.900,-3.500,-
2 personer11.200,-5.400,-
Familie i samme husstand12.200,-5.400,-
Ekstra person 18 år1.500,-750,-
Ekstra barn750,-350,-
Standplads i perioden 1. April til 30. September

Payment of stand
1. Rate of 1.000 DKK paid when placing order
2. Rate of 2000 DKK paid at 01/02 at the latest. Remaining amount must be paid before 01/04.
If you have paid in full before 01/02 guest cards are included in the price.

Winter stand in the period from 1. october to 31. march
Stand (1 caravan/tent) incl. guest card: 3.000 DKK
Electricity (pr. kWh): 6,50 DKK
Winter storage of caravans: 900 DKK

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