Our defibrillator is placed by the barrier, at the yellow service building, right after the entrance to the site.


Defibrillator at Albertinelund Camping

There is a defibrillator at the site with guidelines which guides you through it. It says how it should be used, when it is started, and what to do.

It is placed by the barrier, at the yellow service building, just after the entrance to the site.

Get an overview of where the defibrillator is placed by looking at the site map.

If a human being falls to the ground with a heart failure it is very important to react fast. We, therefore, recommend that you read these guidelines about what you must do and how you use the defibrillator.

A security for our guests

To know how the defibrillator functions is important, and we recommend that at least one in every caravan or hut commits to learn it. There will be number of people who know the usage and then we can all feel secure if the situation should appear.

We will do everything for our guests feel safe. We have, therefore, also made sure that the defibrillator is placed so it is easy to find and use.

If you have questions, then you are very welcome to write us a note via out contact form. You are also very welcome to find us at the site or to come to the information desk.

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