Albertinelund's Café

Enjoy a delicious food at Albertinelund Camping, when the kids play in the indoor playland


Enjoy a pizza, French fries or a cup of coffee

Our lovely café lies in the playland, but it is same as from the kiosk what is served, just as take away!

Do you fancy something easy and delicious food, then it can be bought from us.

You can by 3 different kinds of pizzas: Pepperoni, Ham and Margarita

You can also buy French hotdogs and French fries, or buy a cup of coffee, tea and/or soda pop, juice, candy and ice cream.

Keep an eye on the children who play in the playland

Our café lies just by our indoor playland, and the parents can easily sit and enjoy a cup of coffee while the small ones play in the playland. When it is lunch you can also easily find food for the whole family so the children can continue playing afterwards.

The Cafe is decorated with chairs and tables so the whole family can enjoy a nice lunch. There is chairs for the small ones as well.

In the high season there are lots of activities in the playland and café is often used by parents and grandparents. You can, therefore, meet some new people or some you know from the site while you are enjoying a cup of coffee.

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