Service building

In our service building you find both television lounge, the kitchen, toilets and nursery.


Service building

In our service building, you find both the television lounge, the kitchen, toilets and nursery. Under the roofing, there is possibility to sit at the tables and benches and eat one’s food, or maybe play a game of cards. Perfect if you are on holiday in tent.

Here there is always a barbecue so you have the possibility to have a barbecue. This is also below the roofing, so one has the possibility to barbecue, even if the weather may not be good.

The service building is to help you to get the perfect camping trip. It can be that there is a program in the television that you do not want to miss out on, even if you are on camping. Or sports that you want to watch, and then you can watch it here!

Cook your food here

In our service building there is both barbecue and kitchen. There is, therefore, rich possibility to make your dinner. The food can either be eaten next to the service building or can brought to one’s own lot at the campsite.

The service building is there to help you, when you are camping at Albertinelund. Then make use of it as much as you want.

We are working continuously on to improve our facilities all the time. You are always welcome to come with a suggestion to improvements. If something does not meet your expectations, then write to us and the we will find a solution to it!

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