Wash lot for cars and campers

Wash, wipe and care for your vehicle right here at our carwash lot!


Wash both car and auto camper

At Albertinelund Camping we can offer you a lot where you can wash your car, your boat, your trailer or give your auto camper a light service.

At our carwash, hoses with water stand at your disposal, which can be used by all residents at the campsite. The only thing you must bring is a bucket, soap and brush. As long you bring this, then you can wash your car and auto camper. Or whatever you have that needs a wash at our carwash. We try to as often as possible to go over and keep the site neat and clean so it is ready for you.

Wash caravan and auto camper

The area where the carwash lot and travel mobile service lot are, can be seen at the site map. It has number 11. The lot lies close to the kiosk, so the children get an ice cream while waiting or as a reward for helping with the washing! That is surely something that can give some motivation.

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