Make your own food in our kitchen and clean your pots and pans at the same time.


Make your own food here

Our kitchen is equipped with four stoves, two cooking plates, two microwaves and five washbasin. There is good dispatch of steam, so you can focus on your cooking. The kitchen lies in the service building where you find lots of tables and benches outside, where you can sit and eat under the roof. Below the roof you find a barbecue, so there is possibility to have barbecues.

As you can hear there is room for quite large number of people. It is, therefore, also evident to make food together with and have a cozy time with the other inhabitants at the site.

Cook food with the children

There is also room for that you can have the children with you in the kitchen, if you want to. You can make the cooking to an activity for the family. There is also possible to have a cooking contest it there is a wish for it.

With five washbasin there is, of course, room for doing the dishes after having eaten. You can, therefore, take care of everything concerning cooking and doing the dishes when you are in the kitchen.

Besides lots of extraction devices, there is also windows, which can be opened, if fresh air is needed, or if it becomes too hot while cooking.

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