Auto camper lot in Eastern Jutland

We have made a lot for campers with auto campers so they can feel good and get the perfect holiday in the auto camper and at the rest of the campsite. There is free water then, and the emptying of toilet, when spending the night.


Camp lot for auto campers

Our special lots to auto campers lies in the part of the campsite which borders up to the scenic area, peacefully parted from the rest of the site.

The lots for auto campers are laid out with firm levelled foundation, for the optimal parking.

Parking – easy and simple

Our roads to the campsite are in a very good shape, so even guests with the heaviest auto campers can enter without any problems.

We have made sure that the roads at the campsite itself, which is by auto campers, are solid, flat and free from low hanging branches from trees, and as wide as possible, so you can drive easily around with your auto camper.

Auto Camper Service

As auto camper guest you can use our Auto Camper Service, which among other things includes emptying of wastewater, filling of drinking water and waste separation.

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If you have any questions about Albertinelund Campsite, you are very welcome to contact us.

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Prices for Auto Camper Lots

 01/01 – 02/0702/07 – 13/0813/08 – 31/12
Børn (0 – 11 år)55,-65,-55,-

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