Angler’s rinse house

At the campsite we have an angler’s rinse house for those who catch a fish or two in Kattegat.


Fresh fish for dinner

In the house for rinsing, you can find everything you need to rinse the fish. You find among other things, a washbasin, cutting board, table, chairs for spectators and much more. You must therefore only bring knife, gloves, fish and own angler rinse abilities and then it should be ready to go.

The facilities for angler’s fish rinsing are often maintained and you can therefore be sure of that all is in everything is in perfect order when you must clean your fish. There is however only two lots with sinks.

Go for scuba diving

There are also good possibilities to go for scuba diving in Kattegat. The water is lovely clear and there is, as a general rule, good visibility. You must, therefore, always remember an angling rod, harpoon and nets when you visit Albertinelund Camping.

You can by an Angler’s permission at us, so this you do not need, before you arrive to the campsite.

You can get your angler’s permit printed in the Information Desk. Just contact them.

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