Camping for the whole family

Albertinelund Camping is a campsite for all, both large and small ones and young as old. The campsite has lots for tents, camplets, caravans and auto campers. Furthermore, we have many huts at the campsite.

Campsite – straight to Kattegat

The campsite lies in Glesborg in the beautiful Eastern Jutland, straight to Kattegat. Good possibilities for a dip from our beach.

Maybe angling could be tempting? We have good facilities for angling and the area is, therefore, often used by anglers and others who wishes to angle. You can read more about angling facilities here.

Season lots

FROM DKK 10.700

The whole season
  • All camp lots lie on grass
  • Possibility for season lots and all-year camping
  • Good and maintained facilities which are available all year


A week in high season2 adults + 2 children

DKK 2.940

in the period 03/07 – 14/08
  • All lots lie on grass
  • Lots of room around the caravan
  • Entrance to playland and to waterpark
  • Lot of activities for children and adults
  • Nice beach


Winter camping

FROM DKK 2.800

01/10 – 03/03
  • Camp lots lie on grass
  • Indoor and outdoor playgrounds close by
  • Possibility for season lots
  • Nice and well-maintained site
  • Walking distance to toilets, bath and beach.


Where do you want to stay?

You can look at our site map to find out, where at the campsite you want to lie, furthermore, you can get an overview of our facilities.

We have facilities for every taste, regardless if it is playgrounds, miniature golf, swimming pool or just a nice walk in the forest around the campsite.


From: DKK 90 per adult per day

  • Camp lots lie on grass
  • There are playgrounds
  • Possibility for season lots
  • Nice site
  • Walking distance to toilets

Comfort lots

From: DKK 90 per adult per day

  • All lots lie on grass
  • Plenty of room around the caravan
  • Possibility for season lots
  • Beautiful and well-maintained area,
  • Own water supply
  • Own drain

Auto camper lot

From: DKK 90 per adult per day

We have done a lot for campers with auto campers, and to get the perfect holiday in the auto camper and at the rest of campsite. There is free water, and emptying of toilet, when spending the night.

Tent lot

From: DKK 90 per adult per day

Go to camping with tent at Albertinelund Camping – we have both cozy tent lots and good service facilities.

Our tent lots at the campsite is placed centrally in relation to kitchen and toilet facilities and in natural   surroundings.

Huts and apartments

From: DKK 440 per adult per day

We have many different huts and apartments, so regardless you are two or a large family, we have the hut that gives you some cozy days.

Book your stay

.. and let us give you experiences and holiday memories for life.

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