Rich possibility for angling at the beach by the site and at the harbour in Bønnerup


Sand bottom and quite flat and shallow water

The beach in Bønnerup is pretty much consisting of sand bottom and is quite flat and shallow water. There is, of course, sea brass and cod in this area, but in general it must be regarded as flat fish waters. A nice angling site for flatfish.

It is dabs, in particular that can be many of at the sandy bottom, but there is also chances of flounder or paice. The angling mainly takes place from the pier at the harbour or boat. Concerning launching of boats, there is a good ramp in the harbour in Bønnerup. This is a pay ramp and payment must be made to the harbour master.

Worms (lugworms or other worms) can be bought in Fausing, Hovedvejen 3, and in Bønnerup and in Gjerrild.

Bønnerup Harbour

The Harbour in Bønnerup is known for fishing for flatfish. It is mostly flounder, it is also dab and if one is lucky, one can find brill and turbot. The greater weevers from the piers at the Harbour in Bønnerup can be catched also. The greater weevers are good cooking fish when they reach a certain size but be careful! The greater weever has toxic quills at the geal layers and in the backfin. Always have a long plier in the bag, so you can take of the hooks from the greater weever without getting pricked.

At the Harbour in Bønnerup there is possibility to rinse the catch in a shed with running water and cleansing tables. If you have not had any luck at the pier, the dinner can be bought in the fish store at the harbour. If you want to own boat in the water, there is a towing place in the harbour. It costs a little money to at use towing place.

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