Television Lounge and Gaming Room

Here can you read, play a boardgame, watch football on television or use your pc


Books, television and pc

In Albertinelund Camping’s television lounge it is possible to watch various different channels.

Furthermore, there is also rich possibility to play boardgames at the many tables in the room. If you want to sit still and tranquil with a good book, you can also do this in the television lounge. If you do not bring your own book, we also have a bookshelf filled with books free for the inhabitants.

You can also use our television lounge, if you need a place to sit with your laptop. We have both WiFi and power supply, so you can get done what you must. You can read more about our WiFi here.

A versatile room

The television lounge can also be used for a long line of different activities, and this does not necessarily involve the television. Then come gladly over there, if you miss a place to play a boardgame, watch television or just a place to sit and talk, and have a cozy time.

In the high season visitors often comes in the television lounge to relax and play some games. There is, therefore, also rich possibility to meet known as new faces, if you take a look inside.

Gaming room

When you stay at Albertinelund Camping, you have also access to pool tables, arcade games and air hockey, where both children and adults can kill many hours.

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